Should I respond? A guide to communicating with your audience

You’ve been diligently managing your social media accounts, checking them frequently and posting regularly. Potential customers are engaging with your page. But what happens when you’re unsure how to respond?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to responding to comments on social media:


1. Discover

You’ve already done this step! That’s why you’re here.


2. Evaluate

Is the user complimenting the business? Complaining? Do they have an issue with a product or service?


3. Respond

If the user is complimenting the business — thank them! Use the “reply” button to do so publicly or send them a private message.

If the message is a complaint — First, see if you can help this customer by providing assistance publicly or privately. If it seems that this user doesn’t quite have all the facts write, politely correct them and send them more information about the topic they’re referring to.

Is the person complaining just to complain? We call these users social media trolls … and we don’t feed the trolls. Avoid responding.

Are they having another issue? Consult with your team on the best way to respond.


Rule of thumb: Respond as often as possible. Social media is supposed to be a way to engage with your audience.


Team Digital, part of Entrepreneur magazine, shares even more tips to responding online. See them here.


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