How effective are print ads?

A study released by the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association via the Triad Newspaper Ad Effectiveness Service on Monday said that traditional newspaper display ads and pre-printed inserts continue to work for advertisers.

The study showed that 7 out of 10 readers take action as a result of issue-specific ads and inserts — and the variety of actions that readers take offline and online are impressive.

Here are the actions that readers take as a result of ads and inserts:

  • Purchase/purchase consideration
  • Visit the advertiser’s website
  • Check out the advertiser’s social media
  • Visit a store, dealer or other location
  • Bring newspaper insert to the store
  • Clip coupons and special offers
  • Have a more favorable brand opinion
  • Save the ad for future reference
  • Gather more info about the product/service
  • Text someone about the product/service
  • Ask someone about the product/service
  • Recommend the product/service
  • Check out an online review
  • Pass along the ad to someone
  • Search online for the product/service

See the full study here.

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