GM&M welcomes new digital media assistant

Gazette Media & Marketing welcomes Lydia Matteoni as the new Digital Media Assistant.

She has experience with all social media platforms, website management, marketing campaigns, article writing and blog posts, as well as audience growth and reach. In the past, she has helped companies increase their social media following by 22 percent and traffic to their website by 15 percent in just a few months.

Lydia Matteoni, digital media assistant

Lydia Matteoni, digital media assistant

Proud of her ability to innovate, she aims to set new or improve existing standards for social media and digital marketing in order for your business to have a strong online presence. By developing and executing digital public relations initiatives, Lydia is able to help businesses with their online presence through the creation of web-exclusive content, management of social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest, curate digital newsletters and create email marketing campaigns.

Currently a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she is a dual major in Journalism/PR and Marketing, with a minor in Women’s & Gender Studies.

Dec, 21, 2016