What’s trending for 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, we look forward to what the New Year has in store for us. For 2017, you can expect to see similar trends across the board in terms of digital media and marketing. According to a few studies that were conducted through Smart Insights and Forbes, they give us a first-look at the megatrends for the upcoming year. In the digital media world, having a competitive edge makes a large difference and staying up-to-date is truly important. Here is a list of five trends that will be crucial for businesses in 2017:

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing always tops the list in terms of trends. The trends that will be most important in the upcoming year include: webpages, rich content, personalization and marketing applications. For rich content, users need to be focusing on video, infographics and personalized content. All of these aspects play a part in one another that will lead you down the path of digital success.

2. Live-streaming video

Social media users are now demanding more real-time content, which gives users access to see live events through their computer or mobile device. As live video has been on the rise over the last few years, it is expected to take off in 2017.

3. Online Public Relations

Linked with Social Media, SEO and content marketing, online public relations will be expected to take off as it seems that more agencies do ghostwriting and the creation of publication for their clients.

4. Targeting Niche Markets

As online marketing becomes increasingly crowded, businesses seem to be fighting for their place in the digital media world. According to Forbes, appealing to a narrower range of demographics and target audience will best most beneficial. These campaigns will seem to be on a more personal-level in terms of content.

5. Social Media Marketing

An important process to be successful with social media marketing is to create one social media account and build up the following and the content on that page before you start another. After you build one strong social media account, you may introduce your customers to another. With that being said, it seems that Facebook and Twitter are hitting a plateau, and the social networking sites that are still growing are Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

With these 5 trends in mind, you will be able to plan ahead of time before 2017 begins, giving you the competitive edge you need for success.

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