Using cross promotion with your social media accounts

As you may know, having one social media account to start out with is always the best tactic when working on social media marketing.

If you have maintained a reputable account with a large following and quality audience, it may be time to introduce other social media networks to your business. The best starting way to get a new account up and running is through cross promotion.

Here are a few ways to cross promote your social media accounts:

Add links everywhere

Add them to the bottoms of emails, newsletters, web pages, apps, and wherever else you can put your business’ social media links. With more links visible to clients and customers, the more likely they are to click on them.

In the example below, the social links are included below the email signature:

Add custom tabs for social networks

Adding a Facebook tab on your Facebook page can be a great way to show visitors your other social media profiles. Third parties (not Facebook) develop these apps and they all work slightly differently. These third parties include: WooboxTabSiteShortStack, and Pagemodo. This way, visitors to your Facebook page can see the links to click directly to your other social media accounts.

In the example below:

Cross Promotion

Mention your new accounts on your primary account

Say that your first social media account was Facebook. Because you have a large following and engaging audience on Facebook, you would want them to see that you have opened an Instagram account as well. In this case, you would create an introductory post for your Instagram on Facebook, and at the end of the post include: We are now on Instagram! Whether you integrate the link into the call-to-action or you simply place the handle into the text, it is still advertising the new account through cross promotion.

In the example below, the introductory post for their Instagram was created to be published on the Facebook page:

Cross Promotion

Create posts about other social media accounts

If you have a Twitter account and want your Facebook fans to also see your tweets, advertise the fact that you have a Twitter, especially if a link in incorporated for the viewer to click on. It is okay to attach a specific tweet in that link , or just the Twitter account itself.

In the example below, the post was created solely to build awareness that a Twitter account for this business exists, linking to the Twitter account itself:

Cross Promotion

Schedule posts to cross promote for you

If you’re scheduling out posts, and have a photo that you have posted on Instagram, schedule a post for your Facebook or Twitter with the same content and include: See more on our Instagram.

In the example below, using Hootsuite, a post has been scheduled for Facebook that has content as well as a promotion for their Instagram account at the bottom of the post:

Marcus and Mack Cross Promotion


Essentially, these are different ways that social media cross promotion intrigues users to connect with you on various social platforms. Some social media accounts may display specific content, but linking them to your other accounts to find more content helps clients to browse through all that your business has to offer, and in many different ways.


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