How to make the most of your workday

Monday seems to be the day of planning. As a professional, you spend some time mapping out all that you need to do for the week ahead and it could become overwhelming.

Typically, you have a plan to get so much accomplished, but over time you find yourself becoming distracted and procrastinating. Productivity and motivation are what fuel professionals in the workforce and when you lack either, you may feel that you’re being buried in lists and memos.

To avoid this productivity plateau, we’ve put together some helpful tips to regain control of your time:


Stay accountable

When it comes to tasks in the workplace, sometimes you’re on your own. Setting goals and deadlines will help to feel a sense of urgency. It also helps to work in small increments. Start by doing one task at a time, and completing it to the fullest extent. In the end, you’ll get more done.

If you find yourself slipping up on your personally set deadlines, you have to forgive yourself or it will continue to add stress on your workload. You’re human, and it’s more important to move on than to dwell on it.


Work in intervals

Set a time limit on a task and commit to it. If you have to, set a timer. Give yourself that amount of time to focus deeply on the task, and when the time is up, give yourself a minute to breathe and take a brief walk away from your desk. When you get back, start a time limit for your next task and repeat.


Make a list

Creating a list of assignments that need completed can help you to gather all of your thoughts in one place. In addition, this can keep you accountable. Most importantly, don’t let this list overwhelm you with the amount of work you need to get done. If it helps to break large tasks into smaller ones, write each individual part down and check them off as you go.


Take control of your emails

We all put off responding to emails, it’s inevitable. There is no perfect email system. Checking your email frequently is how many professionals can become sidetracked quickly. To help reduce procrastination and the number of emails in your inbox, set aside some time in your day specifically for reading and responding to emails. If you’re done with an email conversation and no longer need the information within, delete it. This will help to keep your inbox organized.


Do the most important work first

Time-sensitive tasks should be at the top of your priority list. When you complete those first, you’ll have more time to focus on other assignments that may get completed in a leisurely manner. You’ll feel more productive if you complete the urgent tasks and get them out of the way, leaving you with less stress throughout the day.


Remaining productive throughout the workday is something that a fair amount of professionals have a difficult time doing. By following the above tips, you may be able to find yourself more motivated each time you sit down at your desk.


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