10 rules of social media marketing

Knowing the basics of social media marketing can help you to create more meaningful content for your brand, as powerful content elevates your audience and engagement with each and every post. If you’re new to the world of social media marketing, just got a new job or would simply like to learn more about the subject, it’s important to understand the fundamentals.

Here are 10 key rules that will help you to better understand the process of social media marketing and to build a solid foundation with each project:


1. Listen

In order to understand what you need to do for each client or for your own brand, you need to listen more and talk less. Join discussions and read what others have to say. Research your audience and find out what needs they would like to have met. After you have the information, you can curate content that will add value to the audience, rather than just another social media post.


2. Focus

Sometimes in the world of social media marketing, you feel as if you need to be skilled in each area of expertise. Realistically, it is better to focus on certain aspects and specialize in specific areas rather than to know it all. A highly-focused social media strategy has a better chance for success than an over-generalized broad strategy.


3. Value

This is something that a lot of social media marketers struggle with in the beginning. If you focus solely on promoting products and services and nothing else, your audience will eventually stop listening. You have to add value to your posts for your audience and incorporate other content that will keep their attention.


4. Accessibility

The purpose of posting content and repurposing content is so that it doesn’t disappear over time. Consistently publishing content and participating in conversations around the web will help to get your brand noticed, and you’ll become more insightful in the process.


5. Quality

As the old saying goes, “quality over quantity.” This is true in the realm of social media marketing as well. It’s better to have 100 online connections who engage with your content regularly than 1,000 who just scroll past it.


6. Publish

By publishing quality content, the quality of your audience and your followers will show in the ways that they share your content to their own personal pages. This sharing and discussing of your content makes it easier to find through search engines and social media platforms. We recommend sharing content from your brand to your personal accounts as well for increased visibility.


7. Acknowledgement

If someone asked you a question about your brand in person, would you ignore them? The same concept applies online. Being available to your audience is important because it shows that there are real people who care about their needs, and it helps to build relationships with your audience as well.


8. Share

If you don’t take the time to share content, how likely will it be that your audience will share your content as well? Sharing content published from other sources from time to time should be part of your social media strategy. It adds a great mixture to the content you post, as well as letting other sources see your brand. Reciprocate!


9. Influence

Word-of-mouth marketing is still a powerful technique. Although your audience may be engaging with posts and interacting with your brand, getting your audience to actually speak about the brand is influential to others. Again, connecting with your audience and building relationships with them is a crucial part of this process.


10. Patience

Social media and content marketing success does not happen over night. Like all things, you need to take time and commit to your goals in order to be successful. Be patient if you aren’t seeing immediate results. This also gives you a chance to evaluate what the brand is doing, and what can be done differently and more efficiently.


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