How to successfully kickoff a new account

Whether you’re working for an agency or freelancing work, gaining the trust and confidence of a new client is exciting. You have worked hard to understand the business of a new client, their needs and their expectations. New accounts require smart and involved leadership to lay a successful foundation, so it is important to work diligently on an effective social media campaign when starting a new social media account.


Here are some tips to help you successfully kickoff a new account:


Review your program strategy thoroughly.


Reviewing the initial proposal for the client is a great place to start. By doing this, you are able to create long-term goals, review competitors, identify trends and pull together resources that will support you throughout the beginning stages of the account. Additionally, this gives you time to get in contact with the client if you need any further information from them such as the resources they currently use or to clarify any goals that you may be unsure of.


Some other things to consider when creating a new account could be:


  • Create editorial calendars for content scheduling
  • Establish a content database
  • Familiarize yourself with the client’s website
  • Define a strategy for analytics and reporting


Be responsive.


Responding to client requests quickly helps to establish a positive client relationship. This shows that you are actually listening to their needs and providing stability with the social media marketing strategy. With clients and consumers looking for quick responses, being able to provide answers will keep your customers coming back.


Post intriguing content.


To really show your clients that you mean business, start by sharing content that is sure to spread the word of the new account. By capturing the attention of your audience through interesting visuals and provoking text, building your reputation online will be a breeze, and will be sure to get you a stamp of approval from your client.


Starting off a new account is exciting for everyone involved. This is your time to show your clients what you’re all about. By creating a strategy and carrying it out successfully, you will meet the needs of your client as well as accomplishing your own goals from your client’s satisfaction.


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