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Why your business needs a content marketing strategy

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when working with social media, especially if you have quite a bit of content but do not have a purpose or plan for it all. You don’t want your content to go unnoticed, so simply put, without a content marketing strategy, you will feel unorganized.   The purpose of a […] Read more

How to make the most of your workday

Monday seems to be the day of planning. As a professional, you spend some time mapping out all that you need to do for the week ahead and it could become overwhelming. Typically, you have a plan to get so much accomplished, but over time you find yourself becoming distracted and procrastinating. Productivity and motivation […] Read more

Using cross promotion with your social media accounts

As you may know, having one social media account to start out with is always the best tactic when working on social media marketing. If you have maintained a reputable account with a large following and quality audience, it may be time to introduce other social media networks to your business. The best starting way to get […] Read more

The benefits of email marketing

With the rise of social media and the Internet, you may find yourself wondering if email marketing is an effective choice for your company. The answer is simple, of course it is! When a professional manages your email lists, you are placing your digital marketing campaign into the hands of someone who will create beautiful […] Read more

GM&M welcomes digital media assistant

The Gazette Media & Marketing team welcomed this week Amanda Peterson, a digital media assistant. Amanda has experience working with clients to create and implement strategic public relations and marketing plans. In the past, she has worked in website management, strategizing how to increase page performance, improve search engine optimization and ensure site accessibility for everyone. […] Read more

Jan, 03, 2017



The importance of having a professional managing your social media

As you focus on your business and all that needs to be done, you may find that social media management gets put aside or that you simply do not have time for it at all. If you find yourself in this situation and your social accounts are not getting as much attention as you would […] Read more

What’s trending for 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, we look forward to what the New Year has in store for us. For 2017, you can expect to see similar trends across the board in terms of digital media and marketing. According to a few studies that were conducted through Smart Insights and Forbes, they give us a […] Read more

GM&M welcomes new digital media assistant

Gazette Media & Marketing welcomes Lydia Matteoni as the new Digital Media Assistant. She has experience with all social media platforms, website management, marketing campaigns, article writing and blog posts, as well as audience growth and reach. In the past, she has helped companies increase their social media following by 22 percent and traffic to […] Read more

Dec, 21, 2016



Gazette seeks page designer

The Indiana Gazette is looking for a part-time employee for layout and design duties that may be called upon for general news reporting. This person will be responsible for the regular, guided layout of the daily newspaper. They could also be expected to cover meetings of local governmental bodies and cover other events, activities and feature […] Read more

Nov, 02, 2016



Angels’ Wings seeks intern

Angels’ Wings, The Indiana Gazette’s annual holiday gift-giving program, is looking for an intern to help with administrative duties as well as promotional duties. This internship will begin in January 2017, offering students or recent graduates the opportunity to learn more about event planning, fundraising and related functions. This person will primarily help with the […] Read more

Oct, 25, 2016



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